The East of England is home to the Agri-Tech industry and has one of the strongest research pipelines in Europe. The region couples excellence in technology with a long history in triggering discoveries that form the basis of global products and are revolutionising the sector.


NIAB AgriGate Research Hub Newsletter Issue 2.pdf

East Cambridgeshire plays a significant role within the wider region with a number of large producers and agri-businesses that collectively make up over 3% of employment within the local economy.

NIAB and East Cambridgeshire District Council have recently been awarded over £500,000 for a new agri-tech Research and Development Centre in Hasse Fen, Soham. The centre is due to open in the autumn of 2015 and will be a hub for technology transfer, housing pilot and field scale research and modern meeting facilities.

The Hub will comprise two main activities:

• A research centre to develop strategies to reduce waste from production and convert remaining waste into valuable by-products. It will provide a centre of expertise where producers, researchers and waste users can work collaboratively to develop commercial approaches to waste reduction and management. This will provide an invaluable link between current research taking place on a small-scale in universities and research institutes and commercial operations. The opportunity provided by the facility will enable researchers to test novel solutions on a commercial scale prior to significant investment in commercial systems.

• A base for in-field crop research. The site will provide scientists with the necessary equipment and access to a range of growing systems and soil types used by farmers in the region, critical for efficient and productive R&D.

For more information on the Agri-Tech Research and Development Centre and wider agri-tech opportunities , please see the attached newsletter or contact;

Darren Hill - Business Development Manager
Call: 01353 644007