Tourism and Retail

National and international visitors love the area

Tourism is having a huge impact on the economic fortunes of East Cambridgeshire as millions of visitors and pounds pour into the area.

New research shows in 2013, there were 3.4 million trips to the district worth £182 million to the local economy, with the tourism industry directly employing 3,335 people.

The ‘Economic Impact of Tourism’ report from TSE Research 2015, highlights how the total number of trips, day visitors, day visitor spend and total tourism monetary value has increased dramatically since the last report in 2010.

For example, there were 2.6 million trips worth £164 million pounds to the local economy in 2010. A further comparison is in day visitor spend, this stood at just over £92 million in 2010 but in 2013 it was £120 million.

If you are considering opening a bed and breakfast, boutique hotel or even creating a new holiday camp why not come and see why small and large tourism businesses are already looking at the tourism opportunities within East Cambridgeshire.

The area has become a leading destination for conference and both leisure and business tourism delivering significant economic benefits to investors driven by the area's reputation as an international centre of knowledge based industries.

Existing tourist attractions in the area include Ely Cathedral, Anglesey Abbey, Wicken Fen and Nemarket July Racecourse.